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VO4TA: The General Rules


These are the General Rules for recording an MP3 outside of a casting office.  These rules presume you already read and record well.

Follow them unless told otherwise.  If told otherwise - follow THOSE rules but these are the General Rules.  In LA, these rules are slightly different - but I'm talking about New York.

Always slate your name first. If you don't slate your name, they don't know who you are.  (Oh, you'd be surprised...)

If it's short  (perhaps a tag) - read the copy three times.  

If it's medium length (a four line spot) - read it three times.  

If it's long (a narration) - read it twice.

If it's an audiobook - once is fine.  

Add no audio effects to your voice.  No reverb.  We like our audio like the desert - hot and dry.

Compression is alright.  EQ is fine - all within reason and taste.  

Keep all the takes on one file.  That file needs to be encoded in an MP3 format.  It should be named with your first and last name (your professional name) and then something specific afterward to describe it.  

Example: JohnJohnsonDoveAVO.MP3

All of this is for clarity, specificity and ease on the part of the person receiving your files.  

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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He is just plain tired of editing multiple takes into single files.  


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