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VO4TA: The Difference

The difference between sounding like an announcer and sounding conversational is point of view.

Concentrate too much on sound - and you will sound like an announcer.

Concentrate on point of view (albeit a positive point of view) and the announcer goes away.

You have to learn how to connect to something you have no intrinsic relationship to.  

In other words: to "sound" like you care, you need to care.  

Very zen, I know. But true.

That's why it comes back to basics.  Basics of 1) who am I talking to, 2) why am I talking to them, and 3) where are we talking.

And even if your point of view is "wrong" - you will still sound like you "care".

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A great teacher I had once said something like:  "I repeat myself because it's important.  Not because I don't think you got it the first time."



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