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VO4TA: The Competition

Before my first audition for anything, I was told this by my private teacher.

It was maybe two minutes filled with more truth than a fifteen year old could hear, but I never forgot it.

You can't control anything anyone else does.  How much they've practiced, who their teachers were, where they went to school, what they did or they didn't do, how it went for them in the room.

And there - right there at that moment, you can't control it for yourself either.  What you learned or didn't, how much you slept last night, did you take an allergy pill, were you rushed before you got there, how much you practiced... 

It's all done.  For you and for them.

So, ignore everyone else, put your horn together, warm up and go into the room.

"And don't worry if you don't make it into the damn band."

You just go into the room.

I did get in the "damn band".  I sat second to last, but I was there. 

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He sometimes misses trombone playing, but doesn't regret not pursuing it anymore.

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