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VO4TA: An Intern Story

So, an old intern of mine hit me up letting me know she had the chance to interview as an assistant at a talent agency.  She'd learn the names of working actors, the projects they were on and the people that hired them  (producers, etc.)  And she'd be great at the admin job - but it in itself would never lead to acting (which was her ultimate goal).  


You understand the business more and there's a steady paycheck - but it effectively takes you out of the rhythm of auditioning and the flexibility  necessary to pursue creative work because you are stuck to a desk during business hours.  


She didn't take the interview.


In your early twenties you have time to make mistakes and feel it all out.    But about the work itself... Today I'd go with what Katharine Heller said here:


"There is no shortage of opportunities if you are willing to work for free."


And that flies in the face of so much conventional wisdom - it's astounding.  


I remember a Harvard business grad saying to me "Never, ever work for free."  


I replied:  "Larry - no one will pay me for my first film score, my second or even my third until I actually get out and write a few film scores!"  


If you had 15 short films on your IMDB page two years after graduating you would have a reel.


HOWEVER (please note, I raised my voice) do NOT let yourself be taken advantage of.  And when there's no money, barter for your services.  Something real, not just credit.  A decent filmmaker could probably edit the hell out of your reel in a tenth of the time you could.  

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His first feature length score didn't get distributed but it did get screened at Lincoln Center - which was a hell of a thing.


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