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VO4TA: Lines and Spaces

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VO4TA: Lines and Spaces


The formatting of lines on voiceover copy does not adhere to the specific formatting rules of scriptwriting.  Therefore they can be all over the place. Punctuation is suspect too, because there are often unnecessary artifacts (ellipses, especially) from the copying and pasting of lines from storyboards.


When confronted with bad layout remember the medium you are auditioning in.  The lines need to make sense upon the ear.  Large pauses because of a line break will not make sense to a listener.   Lengthening a sound to “make it work for the ellipsis” just sounds - well  weird.  Individual short lines that don’t connect to each other sound mechanical (or even worse, “announcery”).   


Even the most experienced talent have problems with this.  Keeps guys like me in a job, but still…   


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at

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Monday March 20th and

Monday March 27th!

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