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VO4TA: Christmas

There has been an adage that a Christmas spot should never go on a demo.  Probably because the Christmas season itself only ran for four weeks.

But now, Christmas is an institution that easily is more than half of a 13 week media buy.  And that number of weeks is only growing.  

Retailers make almost 30 percent of their annual sales from November through December.   And I've heard that's where the term "Black Friday" itself came from.  From Red into the Black through Money green.

Should you use a Christmas spot?  If it's the real deal - I think it could be okay.  And if it's a fake spot (come on, we all use them) it should reflect the way retail does business today.  Black Friday to Cyber Monday to After Christmas sales "going on right now" etc, etc.  Because we pay attention to major shopping cycles in a very different way now than at any other time in our media history.  

As Tom Lehrer wrote "Hark the Herald Tribune sings, Advertising wondrous things!"  So yes, Virginia, I think people can hear you on your demo bring the "Christmas Sound" of warmth, love, and goodwill without hitting us over the head with "buy, buy, buy"!

May you hold the joy the season of Christmas brings in your heart all year long!  And Peace be unto you and those you care about!


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