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VO4TA: Brands

Let us paraphrase Talking Head’s - Crosseyed and Painless...


“Brands” are simple and “brands” are straight

“Brands” are lazy and “brands” are late

“Brands” all come with points of view

“Brands” don't do what I want them to.


Brands do not come with a point of view, unless we give them one.  


I think the reading of brands needs to be extremely specific.  To achieve it, we have to know what a brand means to us.  As American consumers in the 21st century (wow, I almost typed 20th)  we all have emotions about brands.  Here are a few of mine….    


Coca Cola:  The drink my Aunt would have waiting for me in glass bottles at Christmas after we drove for 12 hours to visit her and my uncle in Michigan.


Apple Computer:  The first computer in our house.  My brother got one.  It made him just the coolest guy ever - not like he wasn’t already.  


Comstock Pie Filling:  The cherry pie filling my sister uses on the no bake cheese pie she still makes for me at every family holiday because it’s my favorite.  Nobody makes it as well as her.


If I think about those specific sense memories, experiences and people when I say: “Coke”, “Apple” or “Comstock” you will know I feel care, love and that I felt I was appreciated.  


It would definitely come out in a read.  


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